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Beck Media Partners is a trusted, independent media consulting firm that can help you navigate the complex and ever-changing seismic shifts in the media landscape. The founder, Chris Beck, has been called a media whisperer. He and his talented team can give you deep and judicious insight into your current strategies, including their deployment and execution..

When it comes to media, “the basics” that aren’t that basic anymore. Beck Media Partners can help you re-imagine the consumer funnel and navigate the increasingly fragmented paths to purchase.

Beck Media Partners can analyze media strategy and tactics for new and non-core brands, and provide thought leadership to elevate mature brands that are “stuck” and in need of a “media reboot” to regain relevance and growth.

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This is an exciting time in media and consumer communication, but there are risks and waste of significant proportions. Beck Media Partners can help maximize your impact by minimizing risks, identifying waste and elevating your strategy.

Beck Media Partners can also provide executive reviews and insights on the reporting and “in-bound” communication that fill your inbox, and help prepare you for board and other key meetings.

By not buying media for clients, Beck Media Partners remains neutral (think of the company as Switzerland). Beck Media Partners provides honest, candid answers to your questions, and serves as a sounding board for your thoughts..

With decades of experience spanning traditional, digital, social, search, Amazon, influencers, sports and event marketing, Beck Media Partners can analyze your challenges through both a micro and macro lens.


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Meet Chris


Chris Beck is a well-respected and sought-after media strategist and thought leader. From a gamut of startups to large global companies, Chris has worked with an impressive and diverse array of marketing leaders from the USA and Europe. He has also appeared at many industry events including New York Advertising Week, The IAB Digital Conference, The sfBIG Mobile Conference and Street Fight West.Chris is known for innovation and the ability to elevate the thinking of everyone in the room. He has contributed to a number of Alpha and Beta projects with Facebook, Google, and other mobile partners. Much of his work has focused on generating more ROI with time based models, collapsing the funnel, leveraging machine learnings and creating an environment where no impression is left behind.

Chris divides his time between New York City and San Francisco, where he lives with his beautiful wife, the youngest of his four kids, and his two dogs, including #mardyfishthedog. He recently buried the bow of his boat twice in one night while rounding Point Conception off the coast of California. He lives to tell the tale.



With Beck Media Partners and Chris Beck, we’ve had a trusted strategic partner willing to be brutally honest about where our approach and plans have value, and where they fall short. The team does a great job of asking the right questions to understand our business and objectives, and tailor an action plan to maximize output. More importantly, the energy, passion, analytical rigor, and creativity that they bring is unmatched for our brands, pushing us for how we elevate thinking, and stay ahead of the curve. Having Chris and team as an honest sounding board has proven valuable countless times for us. It’s also rare to find an agency partner where leadership is involved throughout the relationship, vs. just at renewal time. Their counsel and expertise is invaluable.

Philip GriecoSr. Director, Brand Strategy & Consumer Insights, Monster Energy Company
Past Global Marketing Director, GoPro
Past Director/Senior Brand Manager, Sponsorships & Sports Marketing, Mars

I have worked with Chris Beck as a media strategist across several brands and he has proven himself a strategic partner of the highest order. He is at the cutting the edge of media tactics and steadfastly refuses to recommend the easy path!
He is creative and is able to recommend media strategies that are aligned with the marketing strategy and is there every step of the way through implementation to adapt the plan based on rigorous analysis of results.
When working with Chris, I always knew that my marketing objectives were driving the media recommendation–not media-buying-laziness or some deal on inventory that the agency was benefiting from! I recommend him highly.

Brian PopePast CMO, popchips
Past CMO, Planet Fitness
Past CMO, Samsung Smart Things

Chris Beck and his team have been invaluable business partners in helping me navigate the ever-changing media landscape. Specifically, he is exceptionally adept at translating how new platforms/metrics can be harnessed to help drive growth in ways I previously didn’t think were applicable to my specific business. It’s been from his guidance that I have been able to drive my business forward in ways that were previously unseen to me. Chris really is the “media whisperer”.

Andy WzorekPast Sr. Director, Media and Brand Partnerships Unibail- Rodamco- Westfield
Past Sr. Director, Global Media Ralph Lauren
Past Global Media Director, Calvin Klein

Disruptive thinking doesn’t only apply to savvy tech start-ups. Chris brings disruptive thinking to the world of media strategy, taking integrated marketing to the next level with his non-traditional approach. After working with several different status quo media agencies throughout my marketing career, Chris is a breath of fresh air.

Shirnett FleetVP of Global Marketing, Uniworld
Past Director of Channel Marketing, Samsung Electronics

Chris has been an exception resource as we’ve rolled out markets both domestically and internationally, his energy and creativity is boundless and his deep insight in the digital space is exceptional. He’s a true partner to the business.

Russell BarnettCMO, MyMo Mochi Ice Cream
Forbes CMO Next List
Past VP of Marketing, Gardein Protein International

Truly a white glove partner where constant innovation meets real revenue impact. Chris and his team de-constuct “traditional” media and know how to generate solid impact from digital. They are extremely fast and nimble which is critical in the ever-changing retail landscape.

Norma QuonPast Executive Leader of Global Marketing Western US and Canada Whole Foods Market
Past Sr. Retail Brand Manager and Regional Marketing Manager Nike

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